Public Computers (CAP Site)

We provide the necessary tools for community members to access email and online resources, fill out electronic forms, and connect with digital resources available through the Vancouver Island Regional Library.

Community Access Program (CAP) History

Industry Canada’s Community Access Program (CAP) began in 1994 and gave thousands of Canadians free access to the Internet in places like schools, community centres and libraries. The aim of the program was to provide effective access to Information and Communications Technologies, such as the Internet and even basic computer access, to those who otherwise faced access barriers.

Bamfield Community School Association established a local CAP site to “Bridge the Digital Divide” and has continued to provide this service for years beyond the end of the federal and provincial funding programs that once supported it.

Current Services

There are 3 computers available for public use free of charge during regular office hours. The BCSA provides additional services, such as printing, faxing, and scanning for a minimal charge. Occasionally there are free workshops to educate community members about using different programs and the various applications of computers and the internet. Wi-Fi access is also available for people wanting to connect using their own device.