Volunteer Opportunites

Volunteers are an essential to making our community a great place to live. Whether it be via BCSA or another community organization – dive in to contribute alongside your neighbours and be a part of the magic of Bamfield!

Here are a few general ways you can get involved and make a difference:

  • When you see an upcoming event ask what you can do or how you can contribute to help make it even better.
  • If an ongoing program resonates with you, offer your hands, heart and mind.
  • Donate your books and DVDs to the community library.
  • Attend meetings and events – show your support and participate in a respectful and inclusive way.
  • Share your passion and host a workshop, event or lecture on something that excites you!

By getting involved you will gain:

  • New friends!
  • Skill development
  • Work experience
  • A greater feeling of community and a better understanding of your communities needs
  • A happier community