Children, Youth, and Families

Little Buddies Playtime

After School Club

This fun weekly program allows school-aged children to hang out together, play games and try new sports, make artwork and express themselves creatively, explore the local ecosystem, and do science experiments after school.

Books and Brunch

Friday Night Chill (Youth Night)

This monthly program invites youth 12+ to the school from 7-9:30pm on the first Friday of every month to eat pizza, play games, make crafts, vibe to music and access safety planning support and harm reduction supplies.

Bamfield Aquaculture Club

This program presents an opportunity for youth 12-30 to explore the science of aquaculture, go on educational and experiential field trips, prepare and eat food grown and harvested together, and learn about the traditional and contemporary management of ocean resources in Huu-ay-aht Territory from Huu-ay-aht knowledge keepers, local aquaculture specialists, educators, and marine scientists.
Youth will learn about biology, ecology, aquaculture, climate, food sovereignty and security, policy, treaty and resource management through this experiential program. Through participation, youth are able to earn credits towards high school graduation, while building capacity and employment skills.

Bamfield Community School Garden
Literacy Support
Spring Break Camps
Summer Camps
School Breakfast and Lunch Program

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