Family Literacy Day – January 27th 2022

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Happy Family Literacy Day Bamfield! This year’s theme, “Let’s Connect!” encourages families to connect, learn, and play together. 

Do you know that literacy is more than just reading and writing? Literacy can also be anything that helps you to build skills and explore interests. Playing games, going for nature hikes, learning a new recipe together – these are a few examples of the many kinds of literacy. 

Families are children’s first and most important teachers. When families connect, they build strong relationships, create trust, and support children’s social, emotional and physical health. 

“Children learn when they connect with others, with places and with ideas. Tell family stories, play outside or cook together,” says Margaret Sutherland, Executive Director of Decoda Literacy Solutions, BC’s provincial literacy organization.  “Playing board games, singing songs, reading stories, and dancing with children all strengthen connections and create great memories.” 

To take home some fun books and resources, check out the BCSA Community Library online catalogue ( Follow the instructions on the main page to set your account, then browse away! 

Here is a “Learning in the Great Outdoors – Winter Activities” booklet. Try it out!


Try these age-based activity cards to connect with your little ones and aid in their literacy development. Cards available for Babies 0-1, Toddlers 1-2, Preschoolers 3-5, Primary-age 6-8.





Have fun!