Once in Bamfield, you will find that your feet are your main form of transportation, however for crossing between East and West Bamfield there is a year round water taxi available. The Pachena Bay Express shuttles hikers to and from Pachena Beach from Bamfield.

Getting to Bamfield …

By sea:

Bamfield is 80 miles (128 km) from Victoria
30 miles (48 km) from Port Alberni
17 miles (27 km) from Ucluelet

There is a ferry service that runs from Port Alberni to Bamfield. For more information please visit Lady Rose Marine Services. A brief history of Bamfield’s ferry service is located at the bottom of this page.

The water taxi between East andWest Bamfield is available at 250 728-1212

By road:

51 miles (82 km) from Port Alberni
95 miles (152 km) from Duncan via Youboo

The road to Bamfield is an active gravel logging road, please drive with caution, watching for one lane bridges and logging vehicles. Click here to view a Map or visit the Bamfield Chamber of Commerce website for a variety of maps.

Pachena Bay Express shuttle may be contacted at 250 728-1290

By air:

For information about transport to or from Bamfield by Air (float plane) contact the following:

  • Northwest Seaplanes Inc. 1-800-690-0086
  • Sound Flights 206-255-6500
  • Baxter Aviation 1-800-661-5599
  • Klitsa Air 723-2375


Lady Rose Marine Services operates a ferry service that plys the waters between Port Alberni and Bamfield. The MV Frances Barkley recently replaced the MV Lady Rose, for which the ferry service was named. The Lady Rose was launched in 1937 from the Clyde Shipyards from the union of a steamship company and took seven weeks to travel the 9800 miles through two oceans. She was used in the Gulf of Georgia until bought in the late sixties by Alberni Marine Transportation for Barkley Sound. She carries 100 passengers.

The MV Frances Barkley was launched in 1958 in Stevenor, Norway as a ferry. Crossing two oceans in 41 days she arrived in Port Alberni in 1990. After alternations she was put in service in 1992. She carries 200 passengers.

Scheduled trips to and from Bamfield are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays year round, leaving Port Alberni at 8 am carrying freight, mail and passengers. In the summer months a Friday 8 am run is added as well as a Sunday excursion when the boat lays over in Bamfield to enable visitors to sightsee.