Local Services

General Stores: Bamfield has two General Stores one located at the northern tip of Mills Peninsula (West Bamfield) and one on Frigate Road in East Bamfield. Each general store carries a wide range of household and grocery items including fresh produce, frozen foods, baked goods, packaged and canned supplies, liquor, souvenirs, gift items, video rentals, books, ice and bait.

Building Supplies and Mechanics: Bamfield Builders Supply is located on the east side and offers a variety of hardware, household, garden and building supplies. Breakers Marine is also located on the east side of the inlet and is Bamfield’s local marine and mechanics shop with year round service available. Propane is also available at Breakers.

Fuel: McKay Bay Lodge has a local fuel dock/pump and offers marine fuel, selling fishing tackle and licenses as well. McKay Bay Lodge is located on the west side of the inlet and is accessible by road and water. Huu ay aht First Nations has vehicle fuel for sale year round- for more information please contact the Administration Office.

Post: Canada Post operates a Post Office in West Bamfield near the General Store. Postal Services are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with mail leaving by boat on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s year round. There are stamps for sale and a post box located at the general store in East Bamfield as well.

Eateries: In winter months these are hard to come by. Hawks Nest Pub is open in the winter however with limited and irregular hours. Throughout the summer season you will find a variety of options. Check out the Bamfield Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Canada Customs: Services are no longer available in Bamfield. Please contact Canada Customs for more information. 1-888-CANPASS (226-7277 )

Galleries, Studios and other outlets: Stone sculpture, wood carving, painting, shell art, photography, pottery, traditional carving and basket weaving and other art techniques are available throughout the community. Check out the Chamber of Commerce for information on local businesses or get friendly with the locals and ask around.

Library: The Bamfield Community School, in East Bamfield, houses a collection of over 1000 books. The collection is a wealth of local information and continues to grow. As an affiliate of the Vancouver Island Regional Library we are constantly getting new titles on our shelves!

Community Access Program: Bamfield’s CAP Site is located at the Bamfield Community School Association office, and offers free access to the Internet and computer resources for community members and visitors.

The Bamfield Memorial Tree: Bamfield has no cemetary, instead there is a memorial tree. Bamfield Memorial Tree has a base of local stone that supports a handcrafted tree made of cedar wood. The tree is shaped to have engraved brass leaves in memory of those with a special affinity to Bamfield. It is in the process of being relocated to Bamfield’s Centennial Park.

Banks: There are no banks in Bamfield. There is one ATM Machine located at the Tides and Trails Market in East Bamfield. Most businesses take cash and credit cards. US dollars are accepted at the current exchange rate.

Electricity: BC Hydro supplies electrical power by power lines from Port Alberni.

Water: Bamfield Water System, from Sugsaw Lake, is piped under water to a pump station in Port Desire and then to two tanks with a capacity of 120,000 gallons on Binnacle Road. The water is chlorinated. Most properties are serviced by this system.

Phone: Telus supplies phone services by microwave distributed by phone lines throughout the community. Cell phone service is available but limited due to the dense rainforest geography.

Wireless Internet: Community Wireless Networks serves Bamfield and Anacla with high speed Internet services.

Below you will find some useful links to local services.

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