Health & Wellness

Community Library Room
The BCSA is able to provide the library space for groups and individuals to meet, visit with others, and learn. The library houses resources from both Vancouver Island Regional Library and Bamfield Community Library, and everyone is welcome to make a cup of tea or coffee to go with their book or meeting.Most recently, the BCSA has partnered with New Horizons for Seniors to create a welcoming and engaging space for seniors.

Community Lunches are provided in the school, and community members are invited to join the students to enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch.

Hoops for Heart & Jump Rope for Heart is an annual event for youths to exercises their social conscience and bodies while raising money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and learning about heart health.

Nutrition Month serves to inform students and their families on nutrition basics, the importance of healthy eating, and expose them to different healthy meals and preparation methods as per the Canada Health Guide.

School Meals Program supports the BCSA’s and CommunityLINK’s (Learning Includes Nutrition and Knowledge) objective to provide nutritious meals and an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle for the students of the Bamfield Community School. The outcome is that students:

  • are nutritionally prepared for classroom learning
  • appreciate a balanced, healthy meal
  • participate in developing healthy lunch menus

Spring Break Activities
The BCSA hosts two days of summer camp activities, one day each in Bamfield and Anacla. These activities provide an educational and fun day for students over the spring break.

Terry Fox Run serves to educate the students about Terry Fox and the contributions he made to sport, medicine, and Canada as a whole. Annually, the students, their families and other community members are invited to participate in the Terry Fox walk around the community.

Use of facility for Community Members
In reflectance of one of BCSA’s core goals of facility accessibility, the Community School is offered to community members to organize meetings or take part in various sports. Throughout the year the school’s gym and playing fields are made accessible to the community for sports when classes are not in session. Popular activities are soccer, basketball, and badminton. The library and foyer are also often used for community meetings.

Yoga is one of the more popular BCSA programs, and has been offered for the past three years and always receives a strong turnout.  Yoga takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at noon in the Wellness room at the Outpost Hospital.