Community Development

Art Workshops encourage individuals to express their creativity and explore different forms of art in a fun and supportive environment. The BCSA, due to the ART START grant, was able to offer wool felting, leather weaving, and soap stone carving workshops for community members of all ages.

Bamfield Community Museum & Archives is a monument to the significance of the BCSA, as it is the organization which people entrust items of historical significance to be organized, catalogued, displayed, preserved and protected. Since 2006 we have created displays for the Bamfield Centennial Park celebrating aspects of Bamfield’s history and last year the BCSA partnered with the Bamfield Historical Society.

Beach Clean Up and Earth Day utilizes the resources available at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre to bring knowledge and awareness of the environment to students at the Community School. The children use this knowledge to organize a Beach Clean Up, inviting community members of all ages to collect and remove garbage from Pachena Beach.

Board Game Nights provide an opportunity for residents of all ages to interact and connect in an informal setting. The BCSA provides the space and resources necessary for people to take part in the various games the BCSA has to offer.

Canada Summer Jobs Program provides career awareness and work experience for Canadian students, and the BCSA is thrilled to be a part of the program, employing 2 students starting May 2017. Employment as part of the BCSA provides the students with experience and skills to assist them with future employment opportunities.

Christmas Concert
The Community School organized and presented a Christmas concert for the families of students as well as other members of the community. The children learned many different Christmas songs and presented them to the community. The BCSA also took photos of the children with Santa, and included those photos with a recording of the concert for every family.

Community BBQ and Sports Day
This project aims to increase community interaction and celebrate local success by hosting a community BBQ in June. All community members are invited to join the students and take part in a variety of games, sports, and socializing.

Education/Certification Opportunities
The BCSA provides the community with the opportunity for certification in Foodsafe or invigilation of exams (among others), increasing employment opportunities for local youth and adults, as well as promoting safe work practices, making Bamfield a safer community.

Halloween Party
Halloween is a huge celebration in Bamfield, and this party is one way to incorporate the children and bring them together in a safe environment to enjoy the festivities. Activities include a pumpkin carving contest and haunted house.

Huu-ay-aht First Nation Screening
The BCSA provided a space for the residents of Bamfield and Anacla to see a screening of “Coming Home.” This film focuses on Huu-ay-aht Firs Nations history, culture, and future direction.

Music by the Sea provides the community, and especially the children, with an opportunity to hear world-class musicians in an informal, intimate setting and to start to understand the literacy of music. The BCSA supports this initiative by providing space for rehearsals and meetings, and access to the office, computers and telephone. Children and their families are invited to come hear musicians rehearse.

Naturalist and Bird Count Workshops operate to revive interest and appreciation of the natural world surrounding the beautiful communities of Bamfield and Anacla. Multiple workshops and lectures were offered that addressed different aspects of Marine Biology, including Seaweed, Marine Mammals, Shell to Shorebirds, Plankton, and Foraging.

New Horizons for Seniors Program-Community Based Projects (see Elders)2016 Grant to begin focusing on the needs and interests of the Seniors in Bamfield.

Outdoor Movies aim to provide an activity for all ages to get outside, socialize, and have fun!

Student Camping Trip This trip gives students and their families the opportunity to learn about the local environment, and learn new outdoor survival skills. They can then test these skills on an overnight trip on the land, and provide them with an open and unique environment to interact with each other and nature. The camping trip is made possible with funds from the BCSA and Huu-ay-aht First Nations as well as volunteers from Lets Talk Science, Hug A Tree, and the Port Alberni RCMP detachment.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner The objective of these dinners is to bring valuable members of the community who have supported the BCSA over the past 20 years. These dinners allow recognition to these community members, as well as receive input for future programming.