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Calling all Birders!

Anne Stewart needs volunteers for Bamfield’s 30th Annual Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, December 17th at 8 AM, leaving from the West Dock next to the Coast Guard Station!

Each year, volunteers sign up to help with the count, which happens by boat in the morning and by land in the afternoon. Feeder counters are also needed and sometimes we go owling. Even if you don’t know bird identification that well, if you can look and point, or take notes, you will be helpful and totally welcomed. This is a chance for all of us to work together and learn from each other.  Bamfield has some very good birders who are humble, yet keen to share their knowledge.

Depending on people’s interest, Anne will also be leading a workshop at the Bamfield Community School on Saturday, December 10th, 1-3 PM. At this workshop attendees can get a primer on bird identification and how the count works. Contact Anne Stewart at or 250-728-3469.